Review: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider: dirty Lara
Lara is having a rough day…

I played through Tomb Raider by accident. It’s a game about killing, climbing and grabbing ledges in the last second. I was never a big fan of the original series, but the recent Uncharted-like reboot intrigued me and for some reason it became dirt cheap quick, which I don’t understand because I think the game is great (spoiler!). Naturally that meant it was doomed to live a life of sad abandon in my game collection, until recently a monthly subscription of a popular bundle provider, who shall remain unnamed, teased me with the second game in the series. Ten hours later, I am writing this. Continue reading “Review: Tomb Raider”


The top entries of a steam library
A clear view of the peak.

First things first. In order to make this task as painful as possible I attempted to collect all my games in one place. Steam was the obvious choice for me. By far the largest part of my game collection  (technically just a collection of game licenses) was already in my steam library. There were two things left to do:

  1. Activate all the keys I have gathered through various bundle purchases (Humble Bundle, IndieGala, Bundle Stars, etc.). So many keys!
  2. Add all non-steam from other sources (Origin, Uplay,, Windows Store, etc.), which luckily I had already done in many cases

It turned out that Steam doesn’t like it when you activate more than 50 games at once. You have to take an one hour pause before you can activate the next 50. This is going to be bad. My steam library went from around 600 to over 800 in half a day. At a rate of one game per week it will take me more than 15 years to finish this project, and that is only if I stop buying games right now.

I just remembered my gog-account with 70+ games in it. I’ll add these later or I’ll never actually start this blog.

Also, windows store games have a habit of disappearing from steam when they get updated.

Also, when you register a .com-domain, you’ll get blasted with spam. Thanks Obama.