Impression: Attractio

I feel like writing an article about how stupid this subtitle is.

Hey, remember how good ‘Portal’ was and how you always wanted a game that’s inferior to it in any extent? Me neither. Nine years later ‘Attractio: The Reality Show Begins”, a game with a really silly name, provides you with just that. While clearly aimed at the Portal fan base, it offers less of anything that made Portal so dear to me.

The unique retro look pays homage to the days of 3Dfx graphics cards.

Instead of a clean minimalist art style, you get a generic sci-fi ugly with an I-think-I-am-going-to-be-sick FOV that you (of course) can’t adjust. Instead of incredible writing and voice acting of one of the most iconic video game villains, you get cringe worthy lines from a badly voiced commentator. Instead of one of the greatest songs in gaming history (spoiler warning, don’t click this link if you haven’t finished Portal yet. Also – who are you and what are you doing here?!), you get some painful attempt at music. I don’t know about the puzzle quality because frankly I don’t care. ‘Portal’s’ puzzles weren’t very clever or challenging apart from the portal gun gimmick but I still enjoyed them very much because I was rewarded with more of GlaDOS’ insanity for resolving them. That’s what made the game for me.

A very original design.

I think I am going to keep this brief. It’s not a game for me. If you’re really into first person puzzlers and don’t care about the presentation you might have fun with this? I am not sure. You probably won’t. Now, everybody play ‘Portal’ again!

Info: For some reason this was developed by GameCoder Studios and released in 2016. You can buy it, but you should buy Portal instead.

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