Skipping: Arma 2 + Arma 3

Arma 3: Aiming at a bunny
I was waiting for him to speak Asian.

It’s summer – gaming in an attic flat is hard sweaty work. I also just bought myself a fancy racing wheel for my PC. Aiming in ‘Arma 2’ was very hard and there was no Forcefeedback at all. I initially got the wheel because I wanted to get into ‘CS:GO’, but I ended up using it primarily for drying towels.

I bought ‘Arma 2’ a little late. I bought it with all the DLC. I bought it shortly before ‘Arma 3’ came out. End of review.

Even less colors in ‘Arma 2’ than in ‘Operation Flashpoint’!

I remember playing its predecessor’s (‘ArmA: Armed Assault’) campaign up until the point I became squad commander. A recurring theme in the series as regular readers will already know. ‘Arma 2’ didn’t even receive that treatment. ‘Arma 3’ did. I like them hardcore military simulations, but they are not really made for a satisfying single player experience. They are not even made for fun two player coop. Allegedly they are made for larger groups of organized people shooting at each other, but let’s be honest: people with this many reliable friends usually don’t hang around a computer. They join the military and do it for real.

Couldn’t think of a tasteful joke including a mass grave and a doctor.

I will probably take another look at ‘Arma 3’ at some point. I will also get back to less weird words soon, but since I trust that most of my readers have many friends they’ll spend their summer in an army boot camp anyway. Cheers.

Info: ‘Arma 2’ and ‘3’ were developed by Bohemia Interactive and released in 2009 and 2013. Skip ‘2’ and go straight for ‘3’ on Steam.

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