Impression: Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug, Galaga, Pac-Man

Arcade Game Series: Pac Man: player surrounded by monsters
If you die in the first level of Pac-Man, you probably shouldn’t be writing about games.

The ‘Arcade Game Series’ brings emulated arcade classics to your humbling, shiny gaming machine. It does so in a convenient package that frees you from painful fiddling with ‘DOS Box’ or other arcane techniques you’d rather not be associated with. Since you are the owner of earth shattering processing power, it is natural to assume that fiberglass cables with the diameter of your powerful clenched fist/a babies head run thought the walls of your formidable castle. You won’t even notice that every single entry of this series comes at a gigabyte per pop.

Maybe you think the programming wizards of Bandai Namco did a crazily inefficient job at optimizing their emulator. Maybe you will think differently after you realize that they allow you to exactly adjust the scan lines for every game to your liking. Yes, that is if you can find the settings in the weird ‘we chose to ignore every PC convention ever’-menus, and yes, you’ll have to do it for every game in the series individually. Good job everyone!

Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug
Why wouldn’t you adjust your window size with ‘space’?

Technically I’m writing about three separate Steam games, but I chose to do the series as a whole because life is short. Here’s the run down for the three games I own:

  • Pac-Man: A game about an obese man with an eating disorder and a failing liver.
  • Dig-Dug: A game I played as a kid.
  • Galaga: A game with superior alien design to ‘Prey’.

The games themselves are pure gaming history, and for me that’s what makes them interesting – apart from Dig Dug, which also unearthed some short lived nostalgia. I am sure there are better and cheaper ways to discover these classics. Stay away form this heartless cash grab.

Arcade Games Series: Galaga
Psst, I never heard of the game prior to this article.

Info: The series was released in 2016. If you don’t like advice, you can buy it on Steam.

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